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LeeCare, Inc, is a top-selling company headquartered in Los Angeles.  With her existing distinguished history in the fashion/garment industry, Sang Hee Lee moved quickly to form this new entity, LeeCare, to meet the dramatic and changing healthcare needs of Americans and others throughout the world at the initial onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The very name LeeCare points to the mission of the company and the people who make up the company: “People who care when you need them most.” 

Growing up in Korea, Ms. Lee was accustomed to masks, sanitizers and other protective measures. Having a background in the fashion, banking and international commerce industries of Asia and America, Ms. Lee worked her global contacts day and night to acquire fabric and supplies when much of the world was shut down.  She was among the first to successfully re-purpose garment production facilities in Los Angeles on a large scale and put together teams of designers, pattern makers, cutters, sewers, packagers and distributors. 

LeeCare is a success because it began and remains a care-oriented team of creative and dedicated people who are leaders in the worlds of fashion, cosmetics, health and nutrition. LeeCare is committed to responding to the demands of today and preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. LeeCare people are here for you when you need them most.  We care.